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We offer a complete range of laser systems for marking, etching, and engraving, including compact, mid-size, full-size, integration, and custom laser marking solutions. Contact us and we’ll help you decide which of our laser marking systems is best for you.

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The Absolute Best Customer Service Around

The TYKMA Electrox Minilase 20W fiber laser has been a great asset for us. We were able to quickly migrate our production from older laser technology to the Minilase. It produces a higher-quality mark in less time. We run the machine two shifts per day and it is a key resource in our production process. I wish all of our equipment acquisitions were so productive in such a short time.

Tom Koenig, Manufacturing Manager, Spyderco

The TYKMA Electrox Minilase Manual laser marking system has been a great asset for us. We purchased this equipment recently and were very satisfied for this investment as well as the level of sales and technical support we received from the beginning, during and post-acquisition process.

Greg Golamirians, Director, Manufacturing Engineering, Alfred Mann Foundation

We purchased the Zetalase Fiber for part identification. TYKMA Electrox personnel demonstrated outstanding knowledge of our industry and their products. Recently, a part (under warranty) needed to be replaced. The technician from TYKMA Electrox drove from Ohio to North Carolina to replace the part. Rarely do we see this level of commitment from our vendors.

Troy Crosby, Fixture Manage, James Tool Machine & Engineering, Inc.

Typical Applications of Laser Marking Machinery

Laser marking machinery offers precision, durability, and efficiency, making these systems essential to diverse fields. Lasers have become increasingly popular across all industries, and they are helping improve product quality, providing branding opportunities, and facilitating traceability.

Some of the uses of laser marking machines include incorporating:

  • QR codes
  • Serial numbers
  • Bar codes
  • Dates
  • Item numbers
  • Logos
  • Branding information
  • Initials

Any Industry Can Benefit from Our Laser Marking Machines – Take a Look at Our Proven Success

With over 65 years of experience, our team has acquired essential application knowledge, giving us the experience needed to work with a wide selection of industries. Plus, our versatile laser marking machinery can mark on a variety of materials, making it beneficial for any company.

We are proud to have helped provide solutions for diverse customers. Visit each of our industry pages below and check out our testimonials to get a sense of our history and experience.

Our specialists love a good challenge and are adept at solving complex problems. Whichever industry you are in, understand that we have the technology and skills to provide a solution for your application!

Combine These Accessories with Your Laser Marking Equipment

We aim to make things simple with our products, offering options and accessories that you can use in combination with your laser marking machines. Designed with craftmanship in mind, our systems are engineered with precision and attention to fine detail.

Some accessories that we offer that can enhance your laser marking experience include:

  • Laser marking focal lenses – Although our systems are built with a standard focal lens size, we offer a variety of other sizes to increase the size of the marking field or modify the laser beam properties.
  • Fume and dust extraction – This accessory can help remove any harmful dust or fumes that may be created by the laser marking process. This way you can keep your operator safe and also keep your laser system clean!
  • Laser gear handheld pendant – Introduce an advanced system control into your operations such as start/stop marking, shutter control, laser on/off, and more by utilizing this touchscreen pendant. 
  • Laser safety glasses – Of course, when operating any sort of laser machinery, safety is a priority. When operating a Class 4 laser system and using an open-air benchtop laser marking system, you’ll want to be sure you have a pair of these.

Why You Should Choose TYKMA Electrox for Your Laser Marking Machinery

At TYKMA Electrox, we understand how vital of a role technology plays when it comes to your applications. That’s why we only provide the most advanced, extended-life laser marking machines available. Since our customers are the priority, we make sure to help you find the perfect solution for any composition, surface, application, and material.

When you choose to work with our team, you’ll learn firsthand that our company is built on providing exceptional customer service, and we make sure that you are guided through every step of the process. In addition to receiving 24/7 customer support that will exceed your expectations, you’ll also reap benefits such as:

  • Industry-leading warranties
  • Advanced marking capabilities that are designed to exacting quality standards
  • No calibrations required
  • Air-cooled, maintenance-free, solid-state designs
  • Compact machine footprints
  • Production-ready laser marking workstations delivered fully assembled, requiring minimal setup
  • No water cooling, alignments, or lamps required
  • High-powered CO2, UV, and MOPA fiber laser systems

By utilizing our laser marking systems, you’ll be making your way toward a more sustainable facility. Our systems can reduce packaging waste while maximizing energy efficiency and savings.

In addition to everything our company offers, by investing in laser marking machines, you’ll also receive benefits such as:

  • Marks that won’t fade or peel
  • Faster output times
  • Unique and striking results
  • Prevention of counterfeiting
  • Extreme accuracy and precision
  • Low operation costs

FAQs About Our Laser Marking Systems

With customer service being one of our priorities, we ensure that our customers only receive the best. We are with you every step of the way, taking the mystery out of laser systems, and that starts with educating you. Here are some of the most common questions we get asked regarding our laser marking machines.

What Exactly Is Laser Marking?

Laser marking is a permanent process using laser technology to mark a surface, changing the appearance of a material via the laser beam. It successfully does this by removing a portion of the surface material, changing its color, or creating a level of contrast.

As experts in this industry, we are proud to provide industrial laser marking machines for customers all around the world. Whether for laser marking, engraving, frosting, etching, or foaming, we’ll be sure to find you solutions to solve any challenge!

What Materials Can be Marked with Laser Marking Machinery?

Our systems allow us to create a variety of marks on materials that include stainless steel, steel, aluminum, brass, copper, titanium, carbide, and more. The CO2 systems we supply allow for the marking of more delicate materials such as wood, glass, and more.

Which Factors Should I Consider When Choosing Laser Marking Systems?

We help ensure that you find the ideal marking solution by asking you what materials you want to mark, the size and shape of your parts, your required marking speed, and the level of automation needed.

Are There Safety Considerations When Using Laser Marking Machinery?

Yes. Be sure to check out some of our accessories listed above to ensure that you have safe operations moving forward. Wearing the proper safety equipment and ensuring maintenance is up to date will put you in the best position.

Learn How Our Laser Marking Machines Can Transform Your Operations

At TYKMA Electrox, our number one goal is to provide a consultative and personalized approach to solving your application needs. From compact to full-sized machines, we offer laser marking machinery that can mark all types of materials and surfaces.

Contact our team today to ask us any questions and learn more about our laser marking systems.

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